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Welcome to Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church! Whether you are new to Texarkana or plan to visit us in the future, we’re glad you’re here. We are a community of believers who have been saved by God’s grace and are here to freely share God’s love, mercy and grace with others. We desire to see people’s lives transformed and God’s kingdom expand.

Christ Centered Bible Saturated Worship
We hold to the Regulative Principle of Worship which means that our worship services only include elements that are found in scripture as true worship. We have singing, praying, scripture reading and preaching each week in our services.

Age-Inclusive Worship
We have a strong belief that our children benefit from being in our worship services. Of first importance is that Christ is present in the worship services and speaks to His people in the preaching of the Word. Our children also have regular opportunity to see the faith of their parents in their acts of worship. We enjoy activities together, but do not have formal children’s or youth programs at this time. We have Sunday School classes for ages 4 and up.

Service Times and Nursery
We have nursery available during all services for parents of children under the age of 4. If you prefer to keep your children with you in the worship meeting, we also have a cry room right off of the main sanctuary for nursing mothers and crying babies. Our typical Sunday morning service lasts around an hour and fifteen minutes.

A Confessional Approach
The Bible is the Word of God, and our only certain and infallible rule for faith and practice. We hold to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as a clear and accurate interpretation of the Bible doctrines which it addresses.

Closed Communion
We privately partake of the Lord's Supper among the members of this local body.

Giving & Offerings
We do not pass a collection plate for regular giving. We have an offering box in the book room. The offering plate, that is passes the last three months of the year, is for mission work. Once a month-during the remaining months-the plate is passed for benevolent work.

Service Times
Lord’s Day Services:
Sunday School – 10:00 a.m.
Corporate Worship Service – 11:00 a.m.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings:
Meets at 6:30 p.m.

* On the third Wednesday of each month we have home prayer meetings (one group will meet at the church).
* There is no prayer meeting on any fifth Wednesday of a month.

Our Mission

To preach the Gospel to all mankind, disciple new believers, and equip them in the doctrines of the church from a reformed perspective.


We believe that the totality of the Bible is inspired by God and is, therefore sufficient, inerrant and infallible. Because the Bible is God’s word, we strive to be Biblical in everything we do and teach.


We believe that Jesus Christ is central to the Biblical story and that all of the major themes of Scripture may only be understood properly in relation to him.

We are excited to welcome you to TRBC! Be sure to say hi to our leadership if you have any questions!