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Noah Saveall

Noah Saveall

(2019 - Present) Noah@TexarkanaRBC.org

(Image: Noah, Melissa, Patrick, Amelia, and Charlotte [kids by age])

Ordination (Audio)

Noah was raised in Mount Ida, AR in a well-traveled Christian household. Having had many touch-and-go experiences with the faith, Noah became a believer in 2013, the same year he married his wife, Melissa. In 2015, Noah and Melissa started attending Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church, and soon became members.

While still visiting TRBC, Noah and Melissa were first introduced to the doctrines of Reformed theology and all that it encompasses. Noah believes that learning Scriptural truths in this fashion changes how we live, move, and have our being – which is not common in the South. It was at this point that Noah started training under the Eldership for ministry. Serving with TRBC at the federal correction facility and the local nursing home helped to pave the way for his entrance into formal ministry, where he has served as a bi-vocational elder since 2019.

Noah and Melissa, along with their three children – Patrick, Amelia, and Charlotte, seek to faithfully serve the church to the best of their ability.