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Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church (TRBC) was organized in April of 1978. After meeting together for a little more than two years prior to constituting the church, and having come to an agreement on a doctrinal foundation for the church and the need of a Reformed Baptist Church in our area, thirteen of our group committed themselves to God and each other to establish Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church of Arkansas/Texas. By the time we were organized we had already spent months drawing up a constitution which was to govern the life of the church. This constitution was adopted on April 16, 1978, and a few minor revisions were completed by September of the same year. The church functioned under this constitution until the adoption of the new constitution on March 8, 2006.

We chose the name “Reformed Baptist” to identify ourselves with mainstream orthodox Christians of the past and present. You may be wondering, “What is a Reformed Baptist?” We use the word “Reformed” in our name to identify ourselves with the key ideas of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. The “Reformers” of the Reformation period sought to apply the Bible to every area of faith and life. They believed that true Christians must always be striving to bring every area of their lives into conformity with the teaching of the Scriptures. That is what we seek – a continual “reformation” of our churches and our lives according to the apostolic model.

Like those early Reformers, we desire to apply the Word of God to ourselves and the institutions of our culture such as the family, the church, education, government, etc.

We especially emphasize the great doctrine of salvation in Christ which was recovered in its purity during the Reformation. This doctrine says that we are not saved by our works or through a human priesthood, but solely by God’s grace (unmerited favor) and solely through faith in Christ, who is our one and only Great High Priest. It is solely by the sacrificial offering of Himself which He made “once for all” on Calvary’s cross that we receive the forgiveness of sins.

In short, we believe as the Reformers
1. That the Bible alone, which is the infallible word of God, is the only authority for our faith and life;2. That God is absolutely sovereign in creation, providence, and the salvation of sinners; and3. That salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

We also identify ourselves as “Baptists” in the historic sense of that word. We believe that all who come to faith in Christ should be baptized as a public testimony of their faith. The only proper subjects for baptism are believers and the only proper mode is immersion. In short, we believe
1. That the church of Christ is a holy convocation made up only of those who give a credible profession of their faith in Christ as Savior and Lord and whose lives conform to that profession; and2. In believers’ baptism by immersion.
We have adopted The(1689) Second London (Baptist) Confession of Faith as our own statement of faith. This confession of faith has been the basis of many other Baptist confessions of faith in the United States. (Copies of our confession of faith and our church constitution are available in our church book room.)

Our church is “independent,” by which we mean we are free from any outside control. Our own members, under the leadership of our Elders, make decisions on what is to be taught and what literature is to be used in our Sunday School or other authorized Bible studies. We also decide where our offerings are to be spent. No outside agency administers our monetary affairs.

While we are independent, we also work closely with other churches of like faith on various ministry projects such as youth camps, retreats, conferences, missions, literature, speakers, etc.

As our Confession delineates what we believe, our Constitution lays out the framework of our church practice. We have sought to bring all of our beliefs and practices into conformity to the Word of God, which is the final authority for all our faith and life.
We commend this Constitution to all our present and future members and to all others who would know our practices as a church of Jesus Christ. Amen!