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In 1976 fifteen people met together for the first time to discuss the possibility of organizing a Reformed Baptist Church in the Texarkana area. A desire was expressed – and agreed to – to establish a church that was fully committed to the authority and sufficiency of the Scripture for faith and life.

After meeting for a little over two years, in April of 1978 this desire was realized in the establishment of Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church. There were thirteen charter members.

We are in the line of the historic Particular Baptists of England.

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On Sunday morning, February 8, 1976, a group of fifteen met in the home of Henry and Melba Wood to discuss the possibility of organizing a Reformed Baptist Church in the Texarkana area. We were not willing to have just another church in this area. The desire was expressed for a church fully committed to the Scriptures as true and authoritative; a church willing to follow in a very practical way the teachings of the Bible. Tradition of any sort, except Biblical was to be discarded as the doctrines of men.

From that first meeting until the organization of the church on April 16, 1978, we met in various homes, in a class room at Texarkana College, and at Miller County Courthouse. The church was constituted with 13 original members, six of whom are still with us. Beside the 13, who “having professed faith in Christ” and who “Committed themselves to God and each other in becoming Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church,” there were seven others present, who were all still children at home. We began meeting in the Court House on March 21, 1976 and continued meeting there until we moved into the “Green House” which the church purchased on January 23, 1979. We met at the Green House for more than six years, until on May 5, 1985, we moved into our present building. The White Oak tree, planted on the left as you leave, is our memorial tree. It was planted at our first meeting at the new church building.

We had many visitors, some who came only once, some who came for a while and then discontinued, and others who came, and by God’s grace (for which we continue to give thanks) have remained.

The major topics and portions of God’s Word taught and preached upon by Brothers Wood, McFerrin, and DeMoss are as follows: 1) The Inspiration and Authority of Holy Scriptures; the Doctrines of Grace (Calvinism), and the Sermon on the Mount; all dealt with in the order listed by Henry W. Wood, Jr; 2) The subject of the Christian and His Employment (work) dealt with by Frank McFerrin; 3) The Doctrine of the Church with emphasis on its nature, mission, membership, church officers, discipline and ordinances; and a study of the book of 1 John dealt with in the above order by Jimmy H. DeMoss.

We have never been in debt for more than three years on any major purchase. This building was paid off within three years after moving into it. The Green House was bought outright. God has always provided and we have tried to live within His provision. This congregation is made up of charitable people. This is a giving church. We not only support one of our elders full time, but through the William Carey Missionary Memorial Offering as well as our General Funds, we support the work of missionaries throughout the world. Through our Benevolent Offerings and from the General Fund, we support many each year who are in need – both in this community and elsewhere.

Thanks must be given to our great God and Saviour who has raised up for us, our children, and our community, a church committed to His glorious name, the good of His children, this community, and the world.