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Russell Hill

Russell Hill

(2019- Present) Russ@TexarkanaRBC.org

(Image - Russell and his wife Emilee)

"Redeemed Sinner Saved by Grace"
Ordination (Audio)

Servant of Christ. Husband and father. Bachelor of Science Graduate of Texas A&M University. Navy veteran of a foreign war 2003-2007.

Russell can’t remember the first time he heard the gospel, but the first time he recognized the desperation of his condition as a hopless and rebellious sinner in need of the Savior was in 2009. The Lord used the teachings of the book of Daniel from Calvary Chapel Aggieland (now Engage Calvary) and the book of James (from Breakaway Ministries) by which the Spirit brought conviction and new-birth in submission to, the thrice holy, living God.

Russell became involved with campus ministry and in so doing met his wife to be, Emilee. Both he and Emilee went on summer missions to East Asia, where passions were ignited for international missions.

From there, Russell married his best friend in 2012 and moved away to continue to serve in ministry for 4 years sharing the gospel with people from many countries who came to work at Walt Disney World as part of various international, intern and college programs. While working in Orlando, they regularly hosted ministry events in their home, where 10-20 or more countries and ethnicities were represented. Several of the friends they made are still very close and come to TXK to visit.

Russell and Emilee recognized the doctrines of grace in 2013 while attending Calvary Chapel Orlando. This led them to recognize the primacy and centrality of the local church in the weekly lives of Christians. After moving back to College Station and returning to Engage Calvary, Russell and Emilee joined their first reformed church, Grace Church Austin, in 2016. A year later, they moved with their work to Texarkana. It only took one visit to know they had found their new church home. Since then, they have been blessed with two boys and three pre-born children they hope to meet in glory.

Both he and Emilee have lived overseas and have developed a deep love for people of other nations and backgrounds. They enjoy traveling; hosting friends and late night conversations over coffee discussing theology or playing games. and spending time with the brethren.

Russell also maintains the website, calendar and online video repositories.

Russell's Youtube Playlist
Christian Hiphop (CHH): https://is.gd/russnemCHH
Non-CHH Christian Music: https://is.gd/russnemCM