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Vollie Floyd

Vollie Floyd III

(2022- Present) Vollie@TexarkanaRBC.org

(Image - Vollie and his wife Trish)

Ordination (Video)

Vollie is a redeemed sinner, saved by grace, husband to Trish, and blessed stepfather and grandfather.

He was born and raised in Indiana. He spent 45 years in rebellion against God until he began reading the Bible in late 2014. The more that he read, the more he was convicted of his sin.
The Holy Spirit revealed his need for the Savior. This led to him joining a church in Indianapolis, Indiana where he was baptized.

In 2017, he met his wife, Trish. After a brief courtship, they married in 2018 and lived in Burleson, TX until moving to Texarkana in 2021 to be close to their children and grandchildren.

They enjoy opening their home and fellowship with the brethren, growing together in the Word, spending time with their family, and the occasional ping-pong match.

They have ministered at abortion clinics in Fort Worth, and love to evangelize the lost.

Vollie is a warehouse manager for a local business and Trish is an elementary school teacher.